Unique and Fun Things To Do in

New Orleans, LA

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While New Orleans may be known for its famed Bourbon Street and Mardi Gras, its offerings do not stop there.  With its diverse and lengthy cultural history, New Orleans is sure to offer every visitor a unique perspective on this great port city.  See below for some great attractions in New Orleans and download our free Unique and Fun things to do in New Orleans guide.

St. Louis Cathedral

The oldest active cathedral in the United States, the St. Louis Cathedral was established in 1720.  It is an important historical and religious symbol for the historically Catholic city.  Take a free tour here to learn more about New Orleans’ religious history and marvel at the architecture.
St. Louis Cathedral; Find Nearby Discount Hotels
Cafe Du Monde; Find Discount Hotels in the area

Café Du Monde

One indisputable fact is that one of the best parts of being in New Orleans is the food.  On that note, one of the best places to eat in New Orleans is Cafe Du Monde.  Enjoy one of their famous beignets any time for a delicious and authentic New Orleans treat.

New Orlean School of Cooking

When one of the best things about visiting New Orleans is the food, why not learn how to make some of those dishes at home.  Offering demonstration lunches and hands-on cooking classes, the New Orleans School of Cooking will let you take some of New Orleans home.
New Orleans School of Cooking; Find Discount Hotels Nearby
New Orleans Rum Distillery; Find Discount Hotels in the area

Even more to do

New Orleans offers many unique and appealing options for visitors of all interests, including the New Orleans Rum Distillery.  To learn about this and more, see our Unique and Fun Things to Do in New Orleans guide.

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