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Despite being located in the Southwest, Phoenix is a great place to visit year-round.  During the hot summer months, head over to one of the great museums or experience the Arizona Science Center.  When things cool down a little bit, explore the outdoors at one of the great parks in the area.  Go for a hike or explore the amazing Desert Botanical Garden.  Regardless of when you’re visiting, Phoenix has something for you.  See below for some great attractions in Phoenix, AZ and download our free Unique and Fun things to do in Phoenix guide.

Arizona Capitol Museum

Located in the former state capitol building, the Arizon Capitol Museum documents Arizona's time as a territory and its early statehood.  The building itself is quite impressive with its copper dome and 16-foot Winged Victory statue.

Arizona Capitol Museum; Find Nearby Discount Hotels
Deer Valley Rock Art Center; Find Discount Hotels in the area

Deer Valley Rock Art Center

Located on a 47-acre site north of Phoenix, you will find more than 1500 petroglyphs carved along an ancient trade route.  Between 500 and 5000 years old, these rock etchings are now open to viewing along a quarter-mile trail.

Hall of Flame Museum of Firefighting

With the world's largest display of firefighting equipment, the Hall of Flame highlights over 100 pieces of firefighting equipment dating all the way back to 1725.  Additional exhibits include several restored fire engines, including one specifically for children to climb on.

Hall of Flame Museum of Firefighting; Find Discount Hotels Nearby
Phoenix, AZ; Find Discount Hotels in the area

Even more to see!

Phoenix offers many unique and appealing options for visitors of all interests.  To learn about some of these, see our Unique and Fun Things to Do in Phoenix guide.

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