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Today's travelers are more savvy and price sensitive than ever before, and they're looking for a better deal all the time with the same impeccable service that your hotel offers. Gain a competitive edge on your competition by enrolling your hotel with MHNSAVES:



There are several reasons to become a MHNSAVES.COM member hotel:


  • MHNSAVES.COM will not enroll other comparable hotels in your immediate comp set. In other words, you have a rate advantage on your direct competitors with MHNSAVES.COM
  • MHNSAVES.COM members are more likely to book your hotel, because they earn additional rewards at our cost along with your great rate offer
  • MHNSAVES.COM service fees are lower on average than OTAs, meaning more money for you to keep and/or invest in hotel improvements.


To enroll your hotel in Members Hotel Network, please fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible: